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Protest Comcast's Data Caps

 Image Credit:  Free Press.

Image Credit: Free Press.

If you are a Comcast Customer in Washington State, early Friday morning you likely received an email informing you that beginning November 1st, your internet usage will be capped.

As Ars Technica reports, Comcast is now charging subscribers in 18 states when they go over their monthly data caps.
Make no mistake – there is no technical necessity behind these additional charges – Comcast is simply hoping to charge more for the same service they offered yesterday.
How can Comcast do this? Because there is no real competition in the broadband market.
Frustrated? Rather than waste your time dealing with Comcast’s abysmal customer service, why not reach out to someone who can actually help?
Forward your data cap email to Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle City Council and let them know this is yet another reason why we need municipal broadband.


This September, an amendment adding municipal broadband to Seattle’s Comprehensive Master Plan passed unanimously out of committee. The full council vote is scheduled for later this month.  There is no better time to contact the council to let them know why we a public alternative to Comcast.

And if you're not a Comcast Customer? Wave Broadband already has data caps, and there’s nothing stopping Centurylink from adding caps later on down the line. The only way to ensure your internet remains unlimited and affordable is to create a publicly owned municipal broadband system. 

Wanna do more than send an email? We've got you. Join us on a "Slow Internet Walk" to protest the slow speeds, high prices, and limited options Seattle residents have when it comes to internet options.

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Municipal Broadband in Seattle's Comprehensive Master Plan

  • Council Chambers, Seattle City Hall (map)
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We need your support!  The City of Seattle is currently considering adding a municipal broadband amendment to its Comprehensive Master Plan. This is a big deal!

Seattle’s Comprehensive Master Plan lays out a blueprint for how the City will grow over the next 20 years.  Ensuring municipal broadband makes it into this plan is a crucial first step towards building out a citywide public internet utility.  

With your help, we pushed the issue front and center during the 2015 election cycle.  You made municipal broadband a make or break issue, and now we have the opportunity to make concrete legislative change.

This Thursday, September 15th at 2:00PM the City Council will be hearing public testimony regarding the Comprehensive Master Plan.  Will you join us and ensure that municipal broadband is added to the plan?

The Council is supportive of municipal broadband, but make no mistake: Comcast and Centurylink do not want this in Seattle's Comprehensive Master Plan. Let’s provide the council with the support they need to lead on this issue.

If you can’t make it, can you email the council and let them know you support adding municipal broadband to the plan?  

Make sure to thank them for their hard work on this issue and to let them know you’d like to see municipal broadband added to the Comprehensive Master Plan.

Email: council@seattle.gov and thank them for their support!


Questions?  E-mail Devin@upgradeseattle.com.

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