Upgrade Seattle Endorses Cary Moon For Mayor

Cary Moon Headshot.JPG

Upgrade Seattle is excited to give its sole endorsement for the November 07, 2017 Mayoral Election to Cary Moon.

Cary Moon has shown herself to be a creative and visionary leader, and was the first candidate this election cycle to feature municipal broadband in her campaign platform.  Her background as an engineer and urban planner will prove to be an incredible asset in the build-out of a citywide public internet utility.

It has been more than 20 years since Seattle first began installing publicly-owned fiber optic lines throughout the city, and ten years since Seattle completed the first of many studies on providing internet directly to all residents at lower costs than the private sector. And yet Seattle residents are still stuck paying for internet service that is overpriced, too slow, and offers the worst customer service in the country.

We have the utmost faith that Cary Moon will be the mayor to finally make a publicly-owned municipal broadband utility a reality for all Seattleites.  And we’re not alone in that conviction.  Both Comcast and Centurylink clearly see Cary as a credible threat, as of today they have spent more than $50,000 on behalf of her opponent’s campaign.

This November, vote for Cary Moon, a true champion for digital equity and affordability.


About Upgrade Seattle:

Upgrade Seattle is a grassroots group of Seattleites working to establish a city-owned internet utility. We are community organizers, artists, tech workers, homeowners, business owners, and parents. Our goal is equity. We want to expand internet access to all Seattle residents while improving speeds and lowering prices.  

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