The Slow Internet March Marches On

Yesterday's Slow Internet March inspired onlookers and clearly one the hearts and minds of the local press.  Check out our coverage in:

The Seattle Weekly:

"It wasn’t your average march, at least in terms of speed. “It took us over an hour to walk what should have been 20 minutes,” said Devin Glaser, Policy and Political Director of Upgrade Seattle, a campaign for equitable public internet, who joined the group of activists on the slow, rainy trek to City Hall. “But I think we’re all used to that experience when you’re expecting something to come quickly and then it downloads slow, it stops, it stalls, it fails on you.”



"Sawant is one of two council members trying to get money in the budget to explore a possible municipal broadband pilot project. She and councilman Rob Johnson were presented with handcrafted awards, thanking them for their efforts"



"They walked from Comcast’s downtown office on Westlake Avenue to Seattle City Hall, where they thanked City Council members Kshama Sawant and Rob Johnson. Sawant and Johnson introduced a budget amendment this week that would put $300,000 toward creating a business plan for a municipal broadband pilot project."