Seattlish Op-Ed: AG Bob Ferguson Is The Hero We Deserve

From Upgrade Seattle's own Devin Glaser:

"Make no mistake: Comcast is a bad actor. Consumer Reports recently called the company a “bottom dweller” when it came to customer satisfaction. Yet the company continually posts profits year after year because residents have no real alternative. Your choice of internet provider depends on your address, with most people finding they have at most two options, while some neighborhoods still have none.  

How did we get here? While most utilities benefit from natural monopolies, Comcast has a long history of working to rig the rules of the game to ensure they face no real competition.  The company liberally gives money to elected officials across the political spectrum, and has teamed up with industry allies to create statewide restrictions in 19 states preventing public competition (don’t worry Seattle, you’re exempt). As evidence of their profligate spending, they even gave money to their current nemesis, champion of the people Bob Ferguson.

Money I’m betting Comcast wishes they could take back.

Money I’m betting Comcast wishes they could take back.





Which is what makes Monday’s lawsuit all the more admirable. But while the Consumer Protection Act protects Washington residents from deceptive practices, it doesn’t contain any teeth when it comes to straight up unaffordable bills. Comcast isn’t allowed to trick customers into paying higher fees, but there’s nothing preventing them from just raising everyone’s rates by $5 a month."