What Company Spent the Most Lobbying City Hall? Comcast.

George Howland from Outside City Hall put together a great piece on the comfy relationship between Comcast's Top Lobbyist and Seattle's Mayor:

"In 2016, Comcast had no significant legislation before the city council. Councilmember Harrell, who continues to chair the city council committee assigned to technology, states, “In 2016, I cannot recall meeting with any representative from Comcast.”

So why was Comcast spending heavily to lobby the city council last year?

Comcast’s agenda: street restoration or stopping public Internet?

Walter Neary, Comcast Senior Director for Communications in Washington, states, “Comcast has worked closely with the city on utility coordination and street restoration requirements as we make investments in infrastructure and technological improvements for the benefit of our customers in Seattle such as 1 Gig Internet speeds planned for later this year.”

Yet, “utility coordination” and “street restoration” are not normally subject to city council approval. “Utility coordination and street restoration requirements are delegated to the [mayor] to administer,” says a city council spokesperson. “Specific plans do not come to council for formal action, unless there is actual right-of-way or property rights being transferred.”